Nepal is popular in metal crafts by itself where Panas, an oil lamp is one of them which is used mostly at home or temples or even opening day of your new businesses, functions or any events which is believed in positive in the nearer future.

Panas is a metal craft which is designed in different size and is known as used in the 19th century, they are designed in long cylindrical shape where bottom part is flattened and top part is flattened slightly, and very on top it is shaped oval style bowl where mustard oil is settled and  bunch of long thin like thread made of cotton is planted in an oil and lid the light which runs for a long time.

Still, in the rural Nepal, it can be seen used where there is no electricity or lack of kerosene oil. 


  • it is known as a religious item
  • used at home or temples
  • light the panas before you start any new events.

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