I am pretty much sure, most of Nepalese are grown up seeing these Achano, and most of have used too.

In the past, the most popular in Nepal, still it exists in rural Nepal in current situation which is we called ”ACHANO”, the easiest way to know is by calling it Chopping board. Still, even you can see using wooden chopping board in Kathmandu butcher center. 

Achano is a kind of Chopping board especially used by Butcher in Nepal, or even at home depending on size when you do have a party at home which is made of typical timber.

Achano is something locally made from dry timber which is basically known as Chopping Board in English. They can be designed and shaped the way you want such as a thick cylindrical shape or flat round depending on how you would want to use them.

Below is a picture of my friend chopping meat in an Achano.



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