Hmm, Namaste & Welcome to My small Photoblog !

I am not a travel diary neither a traveler, neither a photographer but born and raised in Bardia district in Western Nepal. 

Since i involved in the tourism industry in Nepal, I started to hold a camera, I just try lens cap off that something attracts me and the timeframe says to click on, this is why I myself calling it ”Photos on My Way” anything that attracts me on my way. 

Working with me!

I cannot hire you, but if you would like to join and work with me for Nepal Tourism, you are always welcome,  Solo, Family, Writer, Travel Blogger, Blogger etc, all are welcome to join my team and family.

Please find the below company that belongs to me, click the link below to see in a details

Your Perfect Hotel: Bardia Jungle Cottage in Western Nepal

Tour and Trek Nepal: Anu Treks International P. Ltd

Tour and Trek Nepal: Nepal Highland Trek