Time always support me, but I did not support time to get involved myself in a caring role. Anu consistently pushing me frequently but I was moving further and further but finally, she grabbed me and joined me without notification, whatever she did was for me and I convinced my self with a little confusion but heavy adventure. This is what that happened in Intercare Training Center in Springwood hotel.

The very first day, we have been to Springwood hotel training room, where we found our new classmates for three weeks and our teacher. My first experience was fascinating after introducing each other and felt so much warm though I am a quiet person. Regularly my time went well with no regret to be a part of our great team and a great teacher. This is why I feel so much Lucky to have a great teacher and great team, and it was hard for me to say goodbye. This is why I now know why I was ignoring past to meet cordial people.

Photo by Teacher Sue

Sue sometimes struggle on a whiteboard wiping off the marker marks and changing pen to bring brightness to be easily visible for us were in a corner her laptop is sitting in its own motion. Somehow we could hear notification on mobile whoever it belongs to and can be seen finger dancing over the mobile screen silently which is I call mobile therapy as it cannot be denied not to touch the mobile. Teacups, water glass is sitting in front of the table with related source documents.

Each and Every day, the class was stunning with laugh therapy, happiness, writing therapy and stories from each other related to our course which was a totally new experience for me, and it boosts myself to be a part of it. I always used to share my daily experiences with Anu that happened in our class and she always asks everyone. Anu proudly used say you see now, this is why I joined the class for you, at least you are learning something new for yourself and for your community. Silently I shake my head with acceptance, that brought a big smile in her face.

The last hour of the class was so much memorable as we all had a wonderful dinner all together and the greatest surprising farewell greeting was wonderful, a terrific rewarding experience
Thank you all

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