There is no doubt that Coorparoo Fusion Delight has a magic aroma. When we think of going out for a lunch or dinner that has something divergent something limited, buzzer yourself then go to Coorparoo Fusion Delight in Coorparoo in Brisbane.

Sitting close to the Brisbane CBD brings a Nepalese, Indian and Mexican authentic taste celebrating its cultural diversity with an amazing wine menu set. Always never forget to ask their signature menu set with a mixed variety that gives you multiple feelings.Coorparoo Fusion Delight one of the prominent restaurant mostly among Nepalese community, it also attracts the local around Brisbane serving authentic cuisine. But the most famous is its Mexican style chicken wings and Nepalese traditional dish that serves rice, chicken/goat curry, sizzling daal, green tilted spinach, chutney, and papadum.

All the staffs are friendly, always eager to warm you and the specially Murari Bhandari and Manoj Khatri makes your day a very special. We planned to go Coorparoo Fusion Delight and I bet Anu I am going to have something different today, started with a glass of wine and buffalo wings marinated with Mexican and Nepalese spices that you won’t deny once you have it in front of your table. I finally decided to have a traditional Nepalese dish which just rolling in my mouth was amazing. Its attractions are not only those above I mentioned, but it also served an authentic dish such as.
Service was excellent until the end and very caretaker as they do not bother to keep coming and asking you for something, rather they are always alert if you needed something.

The most fabulous is you can make your homely function at any time if you inform in advance and you can customize the food you would want for your function such as Birthday party, Baby Shower party, Wedding ceremony, or just a family function or any other. Coorparoo Fusion Delight also provides an opportunity for vegan people or gluten-free people or highly allergic people, it will give you choice for your wonderful meal here.

Coorparoo Fusion Delight is a good place for a couple, Families with children, groups whilst there is plenty of parking on site and on the side streets nearby with easily accessible by private vehicle and public transportation. If you really want Fusion Delight meal and don’t have a time for the table, there is no need to worry as it serves takeaway and delivery on a certain amount of purchases on the meal.

Momo (Dumpling)

Nepalese style steamed dumpling similar to Dimsim but in a different taste with a filling of Nepalese style chicken mince and veggies wrapped in a floured pastry, light shiny white outside but the filling inside is a moist, tender and soft where tomato and sesame gravy style chutney provided a rich tasteful flavor.
If you want a really good food with a sweet finish you definitely need to get down to Fusion Delight at Coorparoo.

Mexican-Nepalese marinated buffalo wings

Shiny dark marinated with Nepalese and Mexican spices, chicken wings are soft and moist inside and the taste was romantic.

Traditional Nepali Meal Set

variety of items with light and floppy rice, seasoned friend lentil (daal), and the tilted green spinach was just amazing where hand grind chutney added a good balance of taste.


Mango Kulfi is a signature homemade dessert dish in Fusion Delight, you can call it homemade mango ice-cream, once you try it, you will be definitely asking for their secret recipe, so must try once you are at Fusion Delight.

Coorparoo Fusion Delight has a variety of Food selection which I have not mentioned all here, but I will try to get a selection of food on my next visit to the restaurant. 

Fusion Delight
2/433 Old Cleveland Road, Coorparoo (2.10 km)
4151 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Ph: (07) 3843 2524

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