When it comes to an issue whether go for an outing or not, a fully locked timing stands to make a general result, where our brain dances within us which tries to dig to pressure on. But for us, it was unexpected, accidental, random and the decision was made so quickly, just like a clap and pronounced to move on to the journey to Sydney, one of the most fascinating cities of Australia.

I already had spent almost 6 months in Mackerel beach net to Palm beach, and it was third time already for me, and two times for Anu and first time for my parents. While i was 6 months ago, my days normally goes going to Mackerel beach, jump into, enjoy the wonderful ocean as well as Kuringai National Park where so much wildlife creatures were sheltered such as Goanna (similar types of Monitar Lizzard), spiders, loads of birds, brown snakes, pythons, wallaby etc. It was a great chance to see all those wild creatures while i was there.

We had a consultation with Riya for our Sydney treatment but there was no proper planned fixed time and date to be in, the way she kept hitting us, as an indication.

Sydney is truly amazing, beautiful, we were relaxed exploring botanical gardens, wandering around the cities trails, beaches, enjoying the Opera house, Harbour Bridge, Riding trains. The only we did not try this time was a Jet boat next to the Opera House.

Bald Hill:

The bald hill is located in Illawarra Range, which is one of the most popular lookouts in New South Wales where you can enjoy the truly beautiful panoramic scenery over the green hills.

Type: Look out

Cost: Free

Car Park: Yes, free

Accessibility: Medium

Check the weather before you head to Bald Hill, you may also bring binocular or blanket or mats so you can sit down and relaxed.

Buddhist Temple Berkeley:

Buddhist Temple is located in Berkeley in the southern hemisphere, in a
a suburb of Wollongong in New South Wales. It is now one of the most tourist attractions for Domestic as well as International tourist, It is one of paradise where you will feel relaxed once you are in. The Monastery has been designed and organised well where everyday heaps of visitor visits. When I visited this temple, it reminded me straightway about our Lumbini Temple.


The Sri Venkateswara Temple

The Sri Venkateswara Temple is located in the southern hemisphere in Helensburgh in New South Wales which situated on a hilly area 400 feet above sea level. Helensburgh is a naturally beautiful place where Venkateswara Temple with Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Shiva (Shri Chandramouliswarar) are placed.


Opera House:

Sydney Opera house is one of the most fascinating multi-venue house located in the heart of Sydney New South Wales from where you can enjoy the ocean views, city view, the most Harbour Bridge. The botanical garden is situated next to, there are plenty of eatery places so you can have your own taste to choose. You can take a ferry to ride or a speedy jet boat for an adventure water sport.


We did not try food outside as we mostly ate at home, a very tasty Nepalese cuisine. We had a great food at Bhawana’s home, Riya’s home and Rosy’s home. Thank you all of you for your great hospitality.

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