This nach is also an important nach in that community with a lot of energy and colour. It is the dance between a lady and one man, the lady will dance and the male will play the madal, with singing and be clapping from the supporters, on one side a group of ladies and the other side of gents, they sing and shout and I personally say it is an energetic dance. Sometimes the dance will go all night.

A small shawl will be placed on the ground and if the money is placed over the shawl, the lady dancer will pick up the money with her mouth or even eyes as she bends over backwards, it is quite a feat, and very exciting when performed. they will do this dance during Dashain Festival and sometime in Maghi festival, however when the rice harvesting has finished this dance will be performed in large numbers, often starting in the field. This dance is important of Tharu Culture.

They will also perform this dance when they want to have a party in their community. At this time an animal will be used to roast and the housemade brewing raksi will take place to get rid of tiredness and make them enjoy. It is a dance to enjoy and for fun and enjoyment drinking and celebration.

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