Jungle Safari has now opened for Public in Bardia National Park

The park activities were closed since 20th of March 2020 due to the pandemic COVID-19 and are now opened publicly after seven months of closure. The Jungle safari can be done following the rules, regulations and the particular routes determined by the national park. There is limitations number of people in one vehicle for jungle drive, and three visitors per guide. 

If you would like to visit Bardia National Park in the current situations, you should be taking care of health, social distance as this coronavirus has not over yet. Also, you will need to follow the park’s rules and safety protocols.

There are more than 29 hotels provide the service for jungle activities including, foot walking, bird watching, jeep safari, wildlife rafting, fishing in Babai River and Karnali River, visit crocodile breeding centre and elephant breeding centre, village tour, cultural program, camping, mini trek and more. 




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