Toowoomba Flower Park Visit

Sunday before dawn, the night was running with the gossip on a random topic at home browsing internet, suddenly Kamal dai arose in between, we offered tea, dinner, he said he is full of fuel and can’t have more than that in his stomach, I could see him he could not have at all.  He asked if we were interested to visit Toowoomba next day, Anu decided we should go and see what’s on Toowoomba.

Getting to Toowoomba

Private Vehicle: 1.4 Hours

Who loves flower? I guess everyone loves the flower, garden, nature and beautiful parks, then go nowhere, go to Toowoomba and visit its colourful garden. It will be a perfect opportunity for those who is a photographer to take a great shot of a flower, also a perfect place for a flower researcher.

We visited Queens Park, Laurel Bank Park and the Picnic Point.

At the Queens Park, you may find the car park easily on the road in front of the garden. Queens Park. Queens park or Toowoomba botanic garden located in East Toowoomba is one of the heritage listed in Queensland which was built in 1875 to 1970s. The park has set across more than 25 picturesque hectares. If you want to get off the city and crowd for a while, Toowoomba is the best place to visit for its beautiful charm flower garden, nature showcases and its seasonal offering and have been enjoyed by its local and travellers from various countries. You can enjoy with different types of flower that you have never seen before and know the name of the flower.

After we visited Queens Park, we turned to Laurel Bank Park which was located in another spot, 4-minute drive from the Queens Park which is a beautiful scented garden which is decorated with richly perfumed plants and herbs.

Laurel Park covers manicured garden, mature trees, children’s play equipment and some picnic areas and croquet greens as well as a collection of exotic trees.

We drive 8 minutes to reach to picnic point, where a huge Australian flag can be seen from far and is located in a bit of height. The view is magnificent and the water fountain was attractive which covers an area of approximately 160 acres. Almost car park is packed, but you may find easily if you lucky enough. The picnic point offers a short walk and popular family picnic spot and the Lockyer Valley plains standing down the below from your point which is the quiet amazing lookout.  There are eatery places where you can enjoy your delicious coffee or food.

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  1. Although I already visited this place, it’s the first time I can enjoy the wisteria flowers.
    Flowers are fully bloomed and it’s smelling so good since you enter the park.
    You can see there really huge and old wisteria trees, from purple to white shades

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