Walking with a flip-flop, I miss the way of my destination. Four fingers were dancing, right thumbs were rubbing tobaccos on left palm, sitting on a rope made bedstead like, with a small blow of innocent smile, he says. Some vehicles seem running along the Mahendra highway, and birds are chirping in the sal forest beside. Don’t you ever use the flip-flop? No, I never use, if I wear, it will grab my sensible power to find the ways and push me back out of my own wonderful route. Why are you asking me? He said in a suspicious way, do not worry,  we are from Thakurdwara village, do you know Thakurdwara?  Thakurdwara village is situated right net to Bardia National Park, and the park is famous for wildlife adventure in west Nepal. He put tobacco inside the lower lip and twisting tongue inside the mouth with habitual taste says, yes, He takes a comfortable breath, in the meantime a bicycle falls down, it alerts his ears. I know, once I been there to bring my axe. Axe, sickle and his own skill are his friends, he loves it and they support him to move forward with efforts. A spitting first drop of tobacco, wiping mouth with the hand, searched something surrounding by hand. He grabs the stick and stands up, and tried to find he channel he wants to go.

He is no other else, he is Dhaniram Chaudhari, 40 in age, lives in a small beautiful village called Amreni, V.D.C., Neulapur-1, in the middle of the Bardia wildlife. Though he is physically blind, he has proved that with a small intelligent, can find a right way and to move forward.  A stick and his necked feet are the life of ways for him, based on it, spends his daily life doing outstanding work. Smiley, wearing a twisted old cap, laborious, spends most of the time in the jungle collecting woods or makes rope from a long grass called “Bankas”.

Where you want to go? Again with the beautiful smile, to bring the Bankas, someone has ordered me to make rope. He is such a brilliant, innocent, wonderful and laborious. No one could be blind if they have an internal vision if they have feelings and enthusiasm. He is the one, who has. He has internal rays of light, strong power, that dark of the dark couldn’t interfere with his ways. How much do you charge for the rope? I take two rupees per bundle of bankas. This is cheap, isn’t it? Bankas would be provided by them, so is ok. All the other families were busy in household works; some of was carrying a pile of harvest rice on their head. He is continuing to making ropes. We knew is not good for health, but we gave him two packets of tobacco. Since a child, he is living in his sister home and his brother’s lives in another village, one hour to walk and looks after the cows, with his own sight, he has also the poor sight problem. He got eyes infection in a child, economic problems, no medical services, and no transportations, did not got any treatment, happened lost his light of eyes. He collects piles of wood from the jungle and sells in the villages per ox-cart five hundred rupees. It’s amazing, unbelievable the piles of wood, that how is able to carry and put in an exact spot. Now, he is free in the wildlife jungle and collects only dead trees. Once, parks staff grab his axe and took it in the headquarter, but walking 13 km, noticed his own axe and get it back. By touching he could identify the rupees that, is RS. 1, 5 or 20.

 What you do the money you earn? I buy some soaps, clothes and sometimes meat. Don’t you ask your sister? No, I feel bad so I like to earn myself. He is free from his sister home, but they look to take care of him. Oh, blind…see… See blind, blind, sometimes child tease me, it irritates me, if I could catch them then I would punish them, but I just chase them, that’s all. Don’t you afraid of wild animals in the jungle? No, normally, where I go, is like a safe, hardly animals used to be there, easily he said. Can you show us the wood you have collected? We followed his pace, in the terrace of the field, after 15 minutes walk; he took us in the exact spot. Two of ox-cart woods are here. He could measure, is unreal, unbelievable. Have you any plan to marry? Smiled, shy and turned to another side, who will marry with me, with blind, showing his feelings, we understood him. Do you have any girls you like? He smiled and became quiet. Sometimes girls tease me and make fun. By digesting his own feelings, tries to be on his own and more self-dependent. He continues to say, once one of the men from some like NGO came and registered my name, showing expectation to provide facilities to blind people, but disappear thereafter, never be back present sad feelings. We noticed it, this is what happens in our country, some NGO just for business and play in the community. He was registered in Land revenue in district headquarters office as landless people in 2057, but the government is quiet, six years passed, no any signs. His efforts to do more upon getting land plough the field and grow some crops. I do not like to give more trouble to my sister anymore, so waiting if the government provide me lands. We respect his efforts light of life, ways of life and request to any organizations not to play. With a big smile and Tharu songs (songs about river and fish, we bye bye him from the spot. He is really beautiful.

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