When it comes about Maghi Festival it reminds me of the childhood lifestyle which was untouched, innocent, following parents to visit a festival place or just jump on if you have a small number of rupees. Whole my village in warmed up in a cold foggy season which hits almost 4 degrees even during the day time, scrolling foggy people are walking surroundings with full of excitement as people come from far to set up a stall in the festival.

People celebrate Maghe Sankranti all over Nepal according to their rituals, the same way Maghi Mela (Festival) is celebrated in Thakurdwara Bardia in Western Nepal. This is one of the coldest night that we celebrate Maghi Festival hoping to end of winter and welcoming summer. It is also believed that people worship the god of Sun, where the sun enters the southern hemisphere, and this festival indicates that the coming of warmer weather and beginning the days longer, even it is the considered the cold day.

Especially in Thakurdwara Village, People come from far to visit Thakurdwara Temple in a few days in advance so that they can participate to worship Thakurbaba Temple with ease and comfort. The Maghi festival starts on the first month of Magh according to Nepali Calendar. People start to take a bath in the river chanting in the name God Bishnu then visit the Thakurdwara Temple and request to the God to have a good fortune in the coming future. Most of the business people set up a stall in collaboration with the help of the Temple Committee. The traffic is high on this day as you have to adjust while walking in the huge mass of the human. People enjoy the festival eating different foods, buying needed items, playing adventurous sport, and the most special Sakhiya nach.

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