Dashain Celebration in Brisbane 2018

Happy Dashain

I have been wanting Dashain since last 12 years and Anu was removed since last three years to extol ourselves, with families or even with friends as periodically something does happen and you are always away backward, this is how we missed one of our Nepalese great festival of Nepal here in Brisbane, Australia. This year something that did not pause us from a celebration and our Dashain went well so far. 

The very first the event happens is called Ghatasthapana and people plant the ‘Jamara’, Jamara is planting from a corn or barley (wheat) inside the house in a sacred place which gets perfectly ready on the 1oth day, which is main Dashain. Anu was exciting to plant the ”Jamara”, somehow she was the success to plant Jamara in a flower pot which was perfect. 


                                                                             Nepali Sell Roti


As we were away Soni Gurung was already at our home to celebrate and we told her to wait until we arrived, she helped us to be prepared. 

While we were preparing, Binita and her husband appeared for Dashain Tika, Dashain is one of the biggest festival in Nepal that celebrates in the month of October ( but sometimes Dashain falls in between September and October) and is also known as Bijaya Dashami. It is also the longest and the most auspicious festival in Nepal and celebrates through the entire country. The Goddess Durga takes the vital role during the festival and lasts for fifteen days. The first day starts with Ghatasthapana which is also called Jamara Rakhne din then ends on the first full moon called Kojagrat Purnima. Throughout the 15 days, people worship the Hindu goddess Durga and all her manifestation. Among the 15 days the 1st (Ghatasthapana),7 (Saptami), eighth (Maha Ashtami), ninth (Maha Navami), tenth (Vijaya Dashami) and the fifteenth (Kojagrat Purnima), and these are the most important during the Dashain Festival. There is a long history of how the Dashain has come up, I will be adding later here. 

Similarly, Ashmita and her husband arrived then Prayash and Sapana appeared in the evening, this is how our Dashain went well. Dashain is the festival of giving and receiving blessing each other wishing for their future success, for happiness and happy life with family, friends and community. This is why we love the Dashain festival. We enjoyed giving Rato Tika each other with Jamara and eating simple food as we did not prepare a lot. Thank you all for joining us to celebrate one of our great festival ”DASHAIN”

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